Hiroto Rakusho was born in Kyoto in 1962. He apprenticed with his father, Jisaku Nishiyama, winner of the City of Kyoto Award for Outstanding Technical Contribution to Traditional Handicrafts, and was certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Indus­try as a Master of Traditional Handicrafts in 1997. He has worked to expand metal leaf design as an art form, collaborating with artists and students from diverse backgrounds in Japan and abroad. Since 2005, he has held three solo shows, two in Kyoto museums and one in New York. Rakusho is an integral part of digital archive projects in Kyoto, which use digital techniques to reproduce aged ancient art­works on paper stored away in Kyoto’s museums, shrines and temples. This has taken him to American museums, making reproductions which return famous Japanese artworks back for public viewing. (Non-profit Kyoto Culture Association which administers this program, will receive 10% of the proceeds from sales of this exhibition.)

BergdorfGoodman、Paris City Mayor Office、Marriott Hotel Nagoya

2011 Jan. 京都・未来の名匠に認定
2006 Jun. 金属箔による装飾が施された古画の複製方法として特許を取得
2002 Jan. 「銀小波」 2002京都デザイン優品 認定
2002 Jan. 第30回世界司厨士界連盟世界会議協賛テーブルアート展 伝統的工芸品産業振興協会会長賞受賞

2015 Apr. Exhibition -The Golden Renaissance- in Kuwait City(Supported by National Council of Kuwait)
2012 Nov. Ehibition -Moon memories- at Jissouin Temple Kyoto, Iwakura
2012 Oct. Exhibition at Westin Nagoya Castle Hotel (Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Event)
2011 Oct. Exhibition at Hyatt Regency Osaka (DAIMARU’s VIP Event)

2010 Jul. Hiroto Rakusho and Hakata Fabric “Weave the moon” Fukuoka Asia Museim
2010 Feb. Collaboration Works by Hiroro Rakusho & Ralph Rucci
2010 Feb. Chado Ralph Rucci  New York Collection Autumn/Winter 2010
2010 Jan. Rourve Museum in Paris 150th anniversary of Japanese-French relations.
2010 Jan. Exhibition in Shanghai world fair 

2009 Sep. Chado Ralph Rucci  New York Collection Spring 2010

2008 Jul. G8 Summit Hokkao
2008 Jan. Milano Salone , Itary

2007 Apr. Beauty of Kyoto 1200years @ SOGO department store, Yokohama

2006 Jun. Art Expo New York
2005年 6月 Gift his art for Paris Mayer (Gold Leaf Fabric).

2004 Nov. Gift his art for Paris Mayer.「GEKKO」(Gold Leaf Artwork)
2004 Oct. “Space Fabric Collection” Greece, Roma Museum
2004 Mar. Open his Gallery “RAKUSHO” in Nishijin

2001 Jan. Collabolation with Tsurutaro Kataoka